Conversations About Death

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The content of this book include:

  • Why its important to have an informed conversation about death and dying
  • How to make the conversation easier
  • Rights, choices and the law
  • Difficult deaths
  • Funerals and final resting places
  • Grief
  • The road to recovery
  • Living the legacy
  • And a number of case studies

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About This Book

Conversations About Death is the result of Sally Cant’s twenty years in the death and dying industry. It contains a wealth of information that will encourage you to take a more relaxed, open and reassuring approach to death and dying.

Conversations About Death is a much needed tool to clarify:

  • the conversations a person might consider for themselves and their family regarding their death;
  • what’s happening in the field of ‘death care’ today; and
  • what advances might be possible in the future.

Sally’s book unveils hidden practices in the funeral industry and shines a practical light on choices people have when faced with their own death, or the death of a loved one. Sally gives you pointers on how to have healthy conversations about this vital subject. You will also learn how to ‘sit with’ another person’s grief and assist them in a positive way.

Over the last five years Sally has researched topics relating to death and dying and interviewed dozens of industry specialists.

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