Conversation About Death is a vital book for our times. Sally’s account is honest, refreshing and sensitive to this topic. Readers will gain invaluable insights from the case histories and from Sally’s own extensive experience in the field of end-of-life care, death and dying.

– Gemma Schooneveldt – Director, Rainbows for the Children of Australia

The death landscape, particularly within the Australian context, is slowly being excavated by an increasing number of groups of passionate people unfulfilled by the way dying and death is being handled. Sally Cant is one of these advocates who has significantly contributed to bringing about a death revolution. She has gathered knowledge through her experience and research over many years and finally, this book, Conversations About Death presents an open invitation for your participation in reclaiming the manner in which death is being processed; to bring it back home to those who are most impacted when death comes to someone we love.


Many of us have limited knowledge of the options available surrounding death and funeral practices. Upon the death of a loved one, most people go to a funeral director and let them take the reins of control. After all, that’s what you do, right?

Ultimately the formula presented by mainstream funeral direction consists of a suggested date and time for the funeral, a choice of coffin and floral arrangement (often from a brochure), up to three songs, and 20 or 40 minute allocation at the cemetery chapel. With the uniqueness of every individual, their final send-off comes down to a few limited choices because, at our most vulnerable time and without the knowledge of what we could do, we don’t envisage that there are other, more fitting options and as a result do not ask.

‘Conversations About Death’ removes the need to research widely on the subject of death and dying. In this book Sally has carefully integrated her research and vast experience of working with grieving families confronting end-of-life care and death. She has woven case studies, facts and formal information (rules, regulations and laws) with useful, practical tips and advice.

I recommend that during the reading of ‘Conversations About Death’, you have a set of sticky tabs and highlight the sections that most speak to you! Knowing your options will bring you empowerment, knowing the law will show you where it can be melded, and having your own conversations about death will improve the way that we live with death and dying.

Conversations About Death


The content of this book include:

  • Why its important to have an informed conversation about death and dying
  • How to make the conversation easier
  • Rights, choices and the law
  • Difficult deaths
  • Funerals and final resting places
  • Grief
  • The road to recovery
  • Living the legacy
  • And a number of case studies

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